This document was created at the request of a Physicians Free Clinic volunteer who wanted help evaluating the visual health of patients who spoke Spanish. I created this document by visiting the Optometry section of the clinic for three weeks. I learned how the optometry section operated and the intake process at the front desk. I also learned how to conduct an eye exam. I listened to volunteers and medical students who were referring patients. During all of these situations I recorded the dialogue and then later translated it. I revised the translations for familiarity to Spanish speakers, not necessarily accuracy of the literal translation from English. After the dialogue had been established I conducted a few examinations using my new dialogue, and then made a final revision based upon the feedback from Spanish speaking patients.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waiting Room

Give me your chart – Dame tus papeles
-          Dah-may  toos  pah-pell-ace

Fill out the highlighted spaces - Escribe la informacion tuya en los espacios Amarillos
-          Eh-scree-bay la in-for-mahs-ee-ohn ehn los eh-spah-see-ohs ah-ma-ree-yohs

Sign and date it too – También fírmalo y escribe la fecha.
-          Tahm-bee-en fear-mah-low e eh-scree-bay la fay-chuh

Give it back when you are done – Vuelvelonos cuando terminas.
-          Vuell-vay-low-nose quan-do tehr-me-nass

Just have a seat for a little bit – Espera un momento en tu asiento, 
                                              inspeccionaremos tus ojos en un momento.
-          Eh-spare-ah oon mo-men-toe en too ah-see-en-toe

Come with me please – Ven conmigo por favor
-          Vain con-mee-go por fah-bore

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