This document was created at the request of a Physicians Free Clinic volunteer who wanted help evaluating the visual health of patients who spoke Spanish. I created this document by visiting the Optometry section of the clinic for three weeks. I learned how the optometry section operated and the intake process at the front desk. I also learned how to conduct an eye exam. I listened to volunteers and medical students who were referring patients. During all of these situations I recorded the dialogue and then later translated it. I revised the translations for familiarity to Spanish speakers, not necessarily accuracy of the literal translation from English. After the dialogue had been established I conducted a few examinations using my new dialogue, and then made a final revision based upon the feedback from Spanish speaking patients.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post Exam Follow-up

Scenario 1: Eyes are healthy and work well – Tus ojos están saludables y funcionan bien
  - Toos o-hoes es-tan sal-oo-dab-lays e foon-see-on-an bee-en

Here is your green sheet, it is yours for your information – Aquí es tu oja verde, es tuya para tu información.
  -   Ah-key ace too o-ha bear-day ace too-ya para too in-for-mas-e-on

Go back to the main waiting room and the doctor will tend to your briefly. – Puedes regresar a la sal de espera y el doctor te atenderá brevemente.
   - Puey-days ray-gres-are a la es-pear-ah el dock-tore tay a-ten-dare-ah brev-a-men-tay

Scenario 2: Your distance vision is good, but you need reading glasses. – Tu visión de distancias está bien, pero necesitas lentes para leer.
   - Too viz-e-own day dis-tan-sea-ah es-tan bee-en pear-o nes-ah-seat-as len-tays par-ah lay-air.

Your distance vision is good – Tu visión de distancia está bien
   - Too viz-e-ohn day dis-tahn-see-uh es-ta bee-en

Do you have dificulties reading? – ¿Tienes dificultades de leer?
  -  Tee-en-es di-fi-ful-tad-ace day lay-air

I would like to give you reading glasses – Me gustaría regalarte lentes
   - May goose-tar-ee-ah ray-gah-lar-tay len-tays

Hold the reading chart here – Coge el cuadro aquí
    - Co-hay el quad-row a-key

Closer to you – Mas cerca de ti
-  mahs sare-kah day tea

Farther away from you – Mas lejos de ti
– mahs lay-hoes day tea

What line can you read clearly – ¿Qué línea puedes leer claramente?
– kay lee-nay-uh pway-days lay-air clar-ah-men-tay

Try on this pair – Pruébate estés lentes
- pru-abe-a-tay ehs-tays len-tays

Take off that pair – Quita eses lentes
– key-tah es-says len-tays

Is it clearer or less clear? – Es más claro o ¿más borroso?
– Ace mahs clar-oh o mahs bore-oh-so

Here are your glasses you are free to go back to the main waiting room. – Aquí están tus lentes, están gratis y puedes regresar a la sala de espera y el doctor te atenderá brevemente.
    - A-key es-tan toos len-tays, es-tan gra-tees e pway-days ray-gres-are ah la sal-ah de es-pear-uh e el dock-tore tay a-ten-dar-ah brev-a-men-tay

Scenario 3: You have overall poor vision and I would like to refer you for a follow-up appointment with an ophthalmologist.

The appointment will be free, and it is on ______ - La sita está gratis, y es el ___ de ___
     – la see-tah es-tah grah-tees, ace el ____ day ____

Be here at 4:30 and you will have a guaranteed ophthalmologist appointment – Sea aquí a las cuatro y media y tendrás una cita asegurada con el oftalmólogo.
     – say-ah ah-key ah lahs qua-troh e med-e-ah e ten-drahs oona see-ta ah-ceh-gur-ah-dah kohn el off-tal-mo-log-o

Make sure you bring your appointment slip – Es importante que traigas su hoja con la cita
     – ehs eem-poor-tann-tay kay try-guhs sue oh-ha kohn la see-tah

You will probably have to wait, so bring something to do. – Probablemente tendrás que esperar, traiga algo para ocuparse.
    – pro-bob-ab-lay-men-tay ten-dras kay ace-pear-are, try-guh all-go par-ah o-ku-par-say

On  a sunny day and you are standing across the street from someone can you see their face clearly? - En un día soleado brillante, puedes ver tú la cara de alguien de al otro lado de la calle?
-          En oon de-uh soul-ay-ahd-oh bree-yawn-tay pway-days ver la kah-ra day al-gee-en day all oh-troh lah-do day la kai-aye 

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