This document was created at the request of a Physicians Free Clinic volunteer who wanted help evaluating the visual health of patients who spoke Spanish. I created this document by visiting the Optometry section of the clinic for three weeks. I learned how the optometry section operated and the intake process at the front desk. I also learned how to conduct an eye exam. I listened to volunteers and medical students who were referring patients. During all of these situations I recorded the dialogue and then later translated it. I revised the translations for familiarity to Spanish speakers, not necessarily accuracy of the literal translation from English. After the dialogue had been established I conducted a few examinations using my new dialogue, and then made a final revision based upon the feedback from Spanish speaking patients.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the Exam Room

Wait here and stand with your heels at the line – espera aquí y pon tus talones en la línea.
-          Eh-spare-ah ah-key e pown toos tal-own-ace en la leen-ae-ah

Cover your right eye with the cup - Cubre tu ojo derecha con la copa
      -          Coo-bray too o-hoe duh-ray-cha qon la koh-pa

Cover your left eye with the cup - Cubre tu ojo izquierda con la copa
-          Coo-bray too o-hoe is-key-ehr-dah kohn la koh-pa

Switch the cup to your other eye – Cambia la copa al otro ojo
-          Kahm-bee-uh la koh-pah all o-troh o-hoe

Switch eyes – Cambia de ojos
-          Kahm-bee-uh day o-hoes

Throw your cup away – Pon tu copa en el basurero
-          Pown too koh-pah en el bass-ur-arrow

Sit here – Siéntate aquí
-          See-en-tah-tay ah-key

Cover your eye with this while you pull the other until the cord is tight. -  Cubre tu ojo con este mientras jalas la otra hasta el cordel esta tirante.
-          Coo-bray too o-hoe kohn es-tay mee-en-tras hall-ahs la otra ah-sta el cor-dell es-tah tear-an-tay

Thank you – Gracias
-          Grah-see-ahs

Follow me please – Sígame por favor
      -          See-guh-may por fa-bor

Eye Chart Specifics

Read this line please – Lee esta línea por favor
-          Lay-aye ae-sta leen-ae-ah poor fa-bor

Read the next line please – Lee la línea próxima por favor
-          Lay-aye la leen-ae-ah prox-eem-uh poor fabor

Read the whole line please – Lee la línea entera por favor
-          Lay-aye la leen-ae-ah en-ter-ah poor fa-bor

Read the same line again – Lee la misma línea otra vez por favor
-          Lay-aye la mees-mah leen-ae-ah oat-rah behz poor fa-bor

Read the smallest line that is clear – Lee la línea más pequeña que es claro
-          Lay-aye la leen-ae-ah mahs pey-cane-ya kay aes clar-oh

Is it blurry? - ¿Esta borroso?
       -       Es-tah bore-oh-so

Is it Clear? - ¿Esta Claro?
        -      Es-tah clar-oh

Is it too small to see it clearly? – ¿Es tanto pequeña para verlo claramente?
       -      Ehs tan-toe pay-cane-yah par-ah ver-lo car-a-men-tay

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