This document was created at the request of a Physicians Free Clinic volunteer who wanted help evaluating the visual health of patients who spoke Spanish. I created this document by visiting the Optometry section of the clinic for three weeks. I learned how the optometry section operated and the intake process at the front desk. I also learned how to conduct an eye exam. I listened to volunteers and medical students who were referring patients. During all of these situations I recorded the dialogue and then later translated it. I revised the translations for familiarity to Spanish speakers, not necessarily accuracy of the literal translation from English. After the dialogue had been established I conducted a few examinations using my new dialogue, and then made a final revision based upon the feedback from Spanish speaking patients.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Use These Blogs

These blogs are meant as a training tool.  These blogs are supposed to speed up the visual health evaluation process, trying to use these blogs other than as training tools will not accomplish this.  The author intends that the material be used independently and off-site to develop the volunteer’s language skills.  While on-site supplemental use of the document certainly will be helpful.  If the document is only used as an in-office translation tool it will not be as effective as it could be.

The situational dialogue is set up by the situations in which it will be used. Each blog will be for a different setting.  Within the situational settings, sentences and translations are placed side by side and underneath those are the phonetic Spanish translations.  These are meant to be read as if they were English words:

A sample of the situational dialogue.

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